Thursday, March 13, 2014


Long time friends celebrating a birthday and the day together!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Northbeach Campground

The only real holiday shopping we did this year was order a few things online from GoWesty when they had one of their sales during Thanksgiving.  We did get some theatre tickets to see Mary Poppins at the PCPA theatre as well and decided to visit both places the same weekend, since both locations are pretty close.  The play was of course amazing!  This theatre always puts on wonderful productions, but little did we know what characters we were about to meet when we picked up our GoWesty order.  After the play, we camped out at Northbeach Campground in Pismo.  It was awesome… 20 bucks for a quiet and peaceful (FREEZING) night.  The next morning we stumbled into GoWesty and as we proudly shared our cold camping story, we met a fellow van owner who couldn’t believe we picked camping over staying in a family townhouse that’s close by.  He had just traveled quite a ways to pick up his van and was heading towards San Diego.  His van was previously a GoWesty van, so a logo sticker was definitely a necessity.  Another couple was getting their van ready for an overseas journey to Chile.  They were making sure everything was ready to send their shelter on a boat from Long Beach, which they would eventually meet in Chile.  When we questioned them further on their motives for their adventure their answer was perfect… life is short.  As another birthday approaches for me, I am realizing this more and more.  These simple words shared from former strangers makes me thankful for the friends/family in our lives and for those who are only there briefly.  They all impact us and we hold on to the positive and adventurous ones because they help keep us going.  During our visit we had a little time to craft (never leave home without yarn), so we made a couple of foxes and scarves for our GoWesty family and new friends we had just met.  Wishing them happy and safe travels wherever they are headed.  Cheers to 2014 bringing new adventures and friends!    
If they can camp, we can camp

Our spot

Our address for the day

Water = a must have... see Where's My Office Now?

Camp Hosts

Loved this tree!

New friend!

The crafts we passed along

Birthday present

More new friends!

Our CLEAN window!

This boat lead us to the freeway


Not so lush, but necessary

Pit stop

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hippie Holidays!

We hope everyone had a Merry and relaxing Christmas.  Our day was filled with hula hoops, family, and love.  The highlight would have to be the release of Episode 4 from Where's My Office Now?, which we were featured in along with a couple who synchronistically saves the team from being stranded thanks to a dead car battery.  Hope you enjoy watching as much as we did!     

Santa's visit to Gypsea

New bag will hold EVERYTHING

Hula hoopin'

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Meet Boscha

Boscha belongs to Corey and Emily from Where’s My Office Now?  We connected with them through email thanks to GoWesty’s blog list, but were even more fortune to meet them in person while they were passing though on their way to Sedona.  Along for the ride and some VANtastic documenting was their friend John from Reel Groovy Films.  We met up in the evening and got to watch the first episode of the web series along with them... how cool!!!  We have been enjoying their adventures online, but to personally get to watch an episode with the team was such a memorable experience.

As a van owner it’s fun to see the little nuances of having a van… setting up the bed, having the produce holder sway during the drive, encouraging the van to make it up the hill, fixing the wires, putting away clothes in a shoebox sized closet, and something as simple as showing the condensation on the window.

You can jump in and watch any of their episodes, but it’s also fun to see older videos connect with newer material.  Those who follow their posts often will be able to make deeper connections, but it’s not necessary to have that background to have it make sense.  For example, when John is at the airport a comment is made about using the PA system to call him over.  Following this is an episode that further explains why there is a PA in the van; which is a neat story and involves cows. :)

The episodes are put together beautifully and flow between music, dialogue, interactions, and scenery.  Each one tells a story and I think that those who aren’t as comfortable with the idea of living and traveling around in a van can appreciate the footage of the destinations.  The images are so clear and vibrant during the episodes and so artistic and beautiful as well… surfing, spinning around, climbing a rock, capturing shadows, and the zooming in of wire.  The simplest actions and objects are some of the most stunning additions.

Those who have experienced this lifestyle or who want to will really appreciate the content being produced because it’s relatable, but everyone can feel as if they were on the journey too because this team really reaches out to people and brings them in.  So “Get in the Van” already and take the adventure alongside Where’s My Office Now?

We had a BLAST sharing stories with Corey, Emily, and John and know that the other people who meet them along the way will have just as good a time.  This is what it’s all about... Van Life!

Boscha's tattoos

Our Gypsea's BVFF, Boscha


The other vehicle... feet

PEACEful travles oui! ;)

Couldn't forget a goodie bag

Ready to deliver

Monday, September 16, 2013


Thanks to Threadbanger’s summer craft camp, we had some direction on what we wanted to accomplish this ranch run.  We also wanted to take a picture of these lined up mailboxes because they are just so unique.  We always love seeing these as we pass by and this time we decided to admire them up close.  Thanks to this little pit stop, we also got to see some horses up close as well.  One of the coolest things about van life, is that it takes no time at all to pop the top and make a place to sleep, which leaves more time to do whatever the heck you want.  The heck we decided to do was tie-dye right away, so we could allow drying time.  Without reading the directions, we got busy and thankfully it wasn’t a disaster.  Of course, my aunt and I had to zone out with some mind numbing beading, my mom made a TON of God’s eyes for another Threadbanger project, and my uncle watched NASCAR.  I wanted to finish up two of these necklaces we were sewing (yes… these beaded necklaces were tediously sewed together) so my mom and I could wear them for our upcoming back to school welcome meetings.  I sat there hunched over frantically beading my heart out to try to finish in time.  I needed to make sure I got home a few hours before midnight to finish up some stuff for school and submit it on time.  I took breaks every now and then to spray icy hot all over and then got back to work, but it was worth it because… I finished!  Unfortunately, we didn’t even wear those necklaces for our meetings.  In fact, we haven’t even worn them ONCE and we probably never will. :)  

Momma and baby






God's eyes



Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to the Beach

We had a jam-packed adventure about a month ago and it took place once again at the beach.  We always go to the beach, but hardly every "go" the beach anymore.  Anyway, it began with excitement as usual, but this time it was for a different reason… my mom was going to be the driver!  I unfortunately had to write a paper in the passenger seat, but it was a smooth ride and allowed for a lot of typing and napping to get accomplished. 

Before we made it to our first destination, Picking Daisies in SLO, we stopped off at this cool house in Atascadero where they grow dinosaurs instead of flowers.  We’ve mistakenly passed by a few times before, but this time it was on purpose.  We also made a quick stop to see the Faces of Freedom Veterans MemorialAfter our quick visit, we hopped back on the freeway headed to SLO.  My mom had a napkin making class she needed to get to and I had a coffee shop I needed to find, so I could continue paper writing.  As can be imagined, parking was a little tricky, but with the help of THE NICEST construction worker, we squeezed into the Picking Daisies alleyway.  To find out more about the class and to see pictures, check out Saint Olive.  While my mom sewed away, I was given directions to a yarn store and really cool coffee shop.  I first stopped by the yarn store, NordicMart and picked up this Drops brand yarn.  Love it!!!  I proceeded on to the coffee shop looking like a bag lady, but happy as can be with my new yarn.  I brought my toss around PC to Kreuzberg’scoffee shop and felt a little out of place when I found myself surrounded by MACs, but I quickly got to typing and got a ton accomplished.  I even had a few extra free minutes to leave a little message in the restroom. 

After a few hours in one of the most eclectic coffee shops I been to, I swung by Picking Daisies and grabbed my mom and some fabric... and after we had a pasty from SloCo Pasty Company (sooooo good!), checked out a street fair, and visited Bubblegum Alley, we cruzed on to Pismo.  I had to drop her off and quickly find another coffee shop, so I could get my paper submitted.  Thankfully, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf saved me with a green tea and internet.  When I opened Gypsea's door my books fell out in anticipation of the next few hours.  I finally made it “home” around 10 pm and relaxed a bit by winding some yarn.  ;) 

The next day we headed over to the Avila ValleyBarn to pick up some always delicious treats, shared them with my aunt and uncle, and drove off to Solvang to take a craft class at Knit Fit, buy a hat, and meet up with some friends to see PCPA's Spamalot.  One of these friends was actually in the play… he was King Arthur!  Always fun when you know someone in the show and can enjoy it with others.  We actually got to see him a couple weekends before in Fiddler on the Roof in Solvang as well.  We got back pretty late and just relaxed until it was time to get back to reality.  Until next the next trip…   

Dino yard

Not scared

Veterans Monument

Commitment bench

"My soul is in the sky."   -Shakespeare

Vietnam Plaque

Freshly made napkins!
Trying out a new yarn winder!

Bathroom art

Yummm... veg.

Love this place

Green pants... red dress... the BEST!

Our gum art addition... GERMS!!!

Ugh... school books